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Trustees of Body Corporate Schemes can bank on their
monthly Levy income with our Levy Insurance Policy
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Sectional Title Levy Insurance
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Stilus Levy Insurance covers unpaid
Special Levies thus allowing Trustees
to implement maintenance projects
with confidence.
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Special Levies
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We cover outstanding Levies, water and electricity
charges which have been unpaid for up to 3 years
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Historical Levy Debt
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No more neglecting maintenance that can affect your property values!
No more unnecessary legal fees!
No more insecurity as to the future of your scheme! Your future is guaranteed.
No more unpaid levies
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How does Levy Insurance benefit
your body corporate scheme
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Stilus is the only Levy Insurance product in S.A!
We think ahead by covering your unpaid levies with new insurance products.
We do not do loans! The value of your Sectional Title units can grow in a debt free environment
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Why Stilus?

Who are we and what do we do?

Stilus Underwriting Managers is a niche UMA which introduced Levy Cover to the Sectional Title market in 2010.

Stilus is in the business of insuring levies in Sectional Title Schemes. With Stilus you can claim for arrear levies incurred after the policy is taken out AS WELL AS arrear levies which existed prior to taking out the policy (historical debt).

For a very affordable premium, we will pay all your unpaid levies, even if they occurred before you started your cover with us.

So… what is covered?

This policy covers direct loss of legally recoverable levies, special levies, charges, interest, taxed legal fees and claims preparation costs in respect of each unit claimed for, including losses suffered prior to date of inception of the policy.

  • No more handovers to attorneys and no more legal fees.
  • No waiting period for claims in respect of historical debt.
  • Payments in settlement of claims are outright payments.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Cash flows are guaranteed.
  • Claims are settled promptly.
  • Electricity and water charges are also covered.
  • No longer necessary for a Body Corporate to borrow money.
  • Enables Trustees to negotiate best prices in respect of large maintenance contracts.

What Makes Stilus Sectional Title Levy Insurance Unique

The Stilus Sectional Title Insurance policy is the only insurance product available in South Africa which guarantees levy payments.

Stilus policies can be sold either as a “stand-alone policy”, or as a value-added product forming part of an insurer’s material damage policy.

The specialized knowledge of Stilus underwriters ensures premiums are affordable.

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