Upcoming Webinars & Seminars

18 FEB

Being and effective trustee

A webinar brought to you by Stilus on being an effective trustee, the do's and don'ts.

24 FEB

Hosting a webinar

We believe in "You can't manage, what you can't you can't measure"!

05 MAR

Hermanus Seminar

Upcoming 3 pieces of Legislation namely the Sectional Titles Act, No 8 of 2011

30 JUL

Nama Flagship Seminar

We are very pleased and proud to have been able to to sponsor the NAMA

One Levy Cover

Unpacking Levy Cover

Often referred to as the “life-blood” of the body corporate, levies are the only source of income and owners are obliged to pay these. Unit owners have to pay levies... Learn More

What are the Benefits

No more handovers to attorneys – No more legal fees. Payments in settlement of claims are outright payments. Improved cashflow for body corporates View Benefits

Claims Procedure Guide

Note: After inception date of policy
When can you start claiming? Claims can be submitted as soon as the owner is 60 days in arrears. Procedure Guide

The Domestic Sectional
Title Solution
The new STILUS STAR POLICY provides the perfect solution
for domestic sectional title property complexes

Stilus Star Policy

Asset All Risk Wording

Asset All Risk Wording

What this means is that we will cover the Insured property against all loss or damage caused unless it is excluded.

Feautres & Advantages

Feautres & Advantages

Geyser Excess Waiver, Zero Excess on Geyser Claims, 24/7 Incident Management Centre: to process all geyser claims

The Geyser Solution

The Geyser Solution

Most claims paid in Sectional Title Schemes are geyser related. In fact, this can go as high as 75% of all claims paid.

  • 14 Legally Recoverable
    Within no more than 14 days after the AGM
  • 60 Current claims
    Submitted when the owner is 60 days in arrears. 
  • 24 Geyser Claims
    24/7 Incident Management Centre for claims